I am running QEMU-7.0 using Windows 95 guest. Win 95 guest does not acquire IP address from the qemu DHCP server:

enter image description here

Also, if I switch to static IP addressing with and gateway of, then I still have no network connectivity (I should at the very least be able to ping [gateway] or [dns] but this does not work).

I invoke qemu like so:

qemu-system-i386 -nic user,model=ne2k_isa -hda win95.qcow2 -device sb16 -m 256 -cpu pentium -vga cirrus -soundhw pcspk

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong or how to troubleshoot?

Thank you very much.

  • Issue also appears in a Slackware Linux 12.2 guest system using those parameters as well.
    – markf78
    Jun 9 at 18:39

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Try specifying IRQ 3 for your virtual NIC when you invoke QEMU:

-nic user,irq=3,model=ne2k_isa

Alternatively, try following the process described on the Qemu Windows 95 wiki page that shows how to set the IRQ of the NE2000 Compatible interface to 09. This appears to be the default QEMU uses when you don't specify an irq arg with -nic.

  • Yes, this fixed it. I figured this out awhile back and forgot to update the question.
    – markf78
    20 hours ago

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