I am trying to add Ant Design Vue as module into Nuxt3 project.

    import { fileURLToPath } from "node:url"
    import { defineNuxtModule } from "@nuxt/kit"
    export default defineNuxtModule({
      setup (_, nuxt) {
      hooks: {
        "components:dirs" (dirs) {
            path: fileURLToPath( new URL('../node_modules/ant-design-vue/lib', import.meta.url) ),
            pattern: '*/index.js',
            prefix: 'a',

But it gives an error:

[nuxt] [request error] Only URLs with a scheme in: file, data are supported by the default ESM loader. On Windows, absolute paths must be valid file:// URLs. Received protocol 'c:'

I tried to use via path.resolve(__dirname, '...'), but unsuccessful

Node: v16.15.0 Nuxt: 3.0.0-rc.3 ant-design-vue: 3.2.5

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After 2 day research finally I got the working solution.

Adding ant-design-vue and icons into NUXT 3 projects

  1. Install deps
npm i ant-design-vue @ant-design/icons-vue unplugin-vue-components --save
  1. Add it into the nuxt.config file
// nuxt.config.ts
import { defineNuxtConfig } from 'nuxt'
import Components from 'unplugin-vue-components/vite';
import { AntDesignVueResolver } from 'unplugin-vue-components/resolvers';

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  vite: {
    plugins: [
        // add option {resolveIcons: true} as parameter for resolving problem with icons
        resolvers: [AntDesignVueResolver({resolveIcons: true})],
    // @ts-expect-error: Missing ssr key
    ssr: {
      noExternal: ['moment', 'compute-scroll-into-view', 'ant-design-vue','@ant-design/icons-vue'],

  1. Enjoy magic of auto-importing
  • this solves the problem, but it does create a components.d.ts in project root. I would like to integrate it with nuxt
    – kasvith
    Commented Aug 9, 2022 at 19:09

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