SVN Time-Lapse View is a cross-platform viewer that downloads all revisions of a file and lets you scroll through them by dragging a slider. As you scroll, you are shown a visual diff of the current revision and the previous revision. Thus you can see how a file evolved, and you can easily find the revision at which lines appeared, disappeared, or changed.



From the command line, I suggest one way:

git whatchanged -p pathToACertainFile

Which will show all the full diffs that have occurred to that file, and which sha hash they were done at (from latest to earliest). Best if you have your terminal set up to show stuff colorized.

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    This seems to be the same as git log -p pathToACertainFile – Marvin Oct 22 '13 at 9:10
  • As to the color issue, you could add --color=always – Marvin Oct 22 '13 at 9:12

You may want to spend some time exploring git log command and gitk (gitk works with many of the same options as git log).

  • Used gitk for years and never knew this. Awesome! – RJFalconer Nov 1 '18 at 10:09

It's not quite a slider, but the Git bundle for TextMate lets you browse revisions for a single file via a dropdown menu. It highlights changes for the current revision, and also names the person who last edited a line, svn blame-style. There are also keyboard shortcuts for navigation to previous/next revisions.


Update 2014-05-10: Now available on GitHub: https://github.com/textmate/git.tmbundle

  • The links in that article don't work anymore... – Marvin Oct 22 '13 at 9:13

I created git-time-lapse-view based on svn-time-lapse-view here:


enter image description here


If you are on a mac, you might want to try GitX

As quoted from the site:

GitX is a git GUI specifically for Mac OS X. It currently features a history viewer much like gitk and a commit GUI like git gui. But then in silky smooth OS X style!


  • Detailed history viewer
  • Nice commit GUI, allowing per-commit staging
  • Fast Nice Aqua interface
  • Paste commits to gist.github.com
  • Explore tree of any revision
  • QuickLook integration

May not do completely what you want but the history viewer should help.


Recently two new projects popped up:

Unfortunately neither of them worked for me on a local repository :-(

  • I tried the vim script with success ! – Ghislain Leveque Feb 10 '14 at 10:17

If there's a Git Java library, you can modify SVN Time Lapse View to use it.

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