When sending a media type in facebook chat to a page that has a bot, I get the following response:

   sender: { id: 'xxxx' },
   recipient: { id: 'xxxx' },
   timestamp: xxx,

how can i get the filename + the mime type? or how can I download this file by this type of url?

I tried to download but the file is corrupted

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    "I tried to download but the file is corrupted" - when I request that URL in my browser, I get an image containing the character "W". If you try to download it using server-side script or similar, Facebook might have restrictions on that though.
    – CBroe
    Jun 15 at 6:31

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The URL in attachment.payload.url property is publicly accessible. Therefore, you can download the file server-side. Since you only need to find out the filename and MIME type, you can perform only a HEAD request since all data you need are in the headers, notably, for this file:

content-disposition: inline;filename=image-2608864215911984
content-type: image/jpeg

(Obtained with curl -I)

Mind that you probably won't receive the original filename, as this information is not provided from Facebook's CDN. If this is a file you uploaded via the attachment upload API, you could infer the filename from the URL provided on upload.

  • Really. Get the mime-type Got it from the url through the header of the GET method. the most interesting thing is that now I can download it even without informing the mime-type of the file. Thank you very much
    – W-illian
    2 days ago

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