I have android 3.2 and android 2.3.3 installed in eclipse.Whenever i am creating AVD it is showing error in console that "Error: Target location is not inside the SDK." and "Failed to set image path properties in the AVD folder." Anyone having idea how to solve it ?


I got this when my avd folder path had spaces in it and was on a network share. If there is anything "unusual" about your avd folder (spaces, special characters, network share, long path) I would suggest moving it to something simple like c:\avd

There is a question that deals with moving the folder here: Moving default AVD configuration folder (.android)

Once I had reconfigured the folder I had to reboot my PC before it would work.

SET ANDROID_SDK_HOME variable not working for me.
  1. Open eclipse
  2. Click on window menu and then select preference.
  3. Select android from left hand side.
  4. Now SET SDK location e.g. E:\android\sdk instead of ../sdk means set Absolute path instead of Relative path.

Its worked for me.

I hope this help someone and save time.


Try these:
1-Open Eclipse launcher's properties (not shortcut's)
2-Select "compatibility" tab
3-Check "Run this program as an administrator"


If you're SDK path is relative, change it to an absolute path.

This was happening to me when launching the manager from Eclipse where I had the SDK path configured as a relative path and not an absolute path. Changing the path to an absolute one fixed the issue.

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