I'm trying to use dart_twitter_api, youtube_api and instagram_media in my project.

Each of these require http package but version are different.

So when I try to install instagram_media, an error occurs.

Because dart_twitter_api >=0.4.0 depends on http ^0.13.0 and every version of instagram_media depends on http ^0.12.0, dart_twitter_api >=0.4.0 is incompatible with instagram_media.

So, because MyProject depends on both dart_twitter_api ^0.5.6+1 and instagram_media any, version solving failed. pub finished with exit code 65


My pubspec.yaml is below.

    sdk: flutter

  dart_twitter_api: ^0.5.6+1
  youtube_api: ^1.0.4

  http: any

  # ..... other pubs

Required http versions

Package Required http version
dart_twitter_api >=0.4.0 ^0.13.0
youtube_api 1.0.4 ^0.13.3
instagram_media >= any ^0.12.0

Strange thing is that dart_twitter_api and youtube_api can live together, and only when I do flutter pub add instagram_media, this error occurs.

What I Want to Do

As I said earlier,I want to use dart_twitter_api, youtube_api and instagram_media in one project.

How can I use http ^0.13.3 and http ^0.12.0 at the same time?

Like below;

    sdk: flutter

  http: ^0.13.3
  http: ^0.12.0

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By editing pubspec.yaml like;

  http: ^0.13.4

I could implement instagram_media to my project.


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