I am using chrome for a PWA where a user installs the app, with Chrome this automatically opens it into a standalone window, I then force the user to fullscreen it with a button prompt, this then fullscreens it into a separate desktop window so the user can't see anything but the app.

The above is great however I have a versioning system where I need to reload the frontend code if the git project has changed. I do this by detecting the package.json version on the backend. I have the code for this working now but I am stuck with the last stage on reloading the client.

As soon as I reload the page via window.location.reload() the PWA "minimises" back into a standalone view, I then have to click the button prompt to put it back into fullscreen mode.

This is not ideal at all as this PWA must always stay in fullscreen mode at all times, no admin will be available on-site to fullscreen the application.

Is there a way to force fullscreen to always apply in Chrome?

Here is my manifest.json:

        theme_color: '#5778BB',
        background_color: '#344955',
        display: 'fullscreen',
        orientation: 'landscape',
        scope: '/',
        start_url: '/',
        name: '...',
        short_name: '...',
        description: '...',
        related_applications: [
                platform: 'webapp',
                url: request.url,
        icons: [...]

The project runs with Remix, React and Netlify serverless functions


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