I am sending a request to the Facebook device/login API via curl using a shell script as documented in the Facebook Login for Devices page:

curl -i -X POST https://graph.facebook.com/v14.0/device/login -F 'access_token=${app_id}|${client_token}' -F 'scope=ads_management,business_management,instagram_basic,instagram_content_publish,pages_read_engagement,pages_show_list,public_profile'

(The app_id and client_token are properly filled in.)

I get back the response such as

  "code": "f4ee7axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxec4b8e28eb",
  "user_code": "PXXXXXXQ",
  "verification_uri": "https://www.facebook.com/device",
  "expires_in": 420,
  "interval": 5

In my browser, I open a fresh private page and go to https://www.facebook.com/device, log in, and enter the user_code (e.g. PXXXXXXQ), and it completes successfully.

I then "poll" device/login_status via this curl command:

curl -i -X POST https://graph.facebook.com/v14.0/device/login_status -F 'access_token=${app_id}|${client_token}' -F 'code=f4ee7axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxec4b8e28eb'

and get back a response with an access token:

  "access_token": "EAAKxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxuuu",
  "data_access_expiration_time": 1663078272,
  "expires_in": 5183984

I then put the access token into the Access Token Debugger and find that it only has the two basic permissions of pages_show_list and public_profile. The other permissions are not granted.

I'm assuming I do not have my app configured properly. So far, the Facebook support has punted on the question so I'm turning here for help. I have "Enable Login for Devices" as the API page says in Step 1. I have "Facebook Login", "App Events", and "Instagram Basic Display" in my "Products" list. I don't see any warnings or flags on any of the app's pages. My "Test User" is a real Facebook user listed as in a Tester roll in the app.

Ultimately I want to use the Instagram media API. As a simpler test of the access token, I was trying to use the {page_id}?fields=instagram_business_account as a test and it wasn't working. Some pages suggest disconnecting and reconnecting the Instagram user and other things but I think the problem originates with the access token not having sufficient permissions.

I have also tried just requesting the permissions needed for the {page_id} and got the same results.

What changes do I need to make to get an access token via the device/login API that has more than just pages_show_list and public_profile permissions?


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