As stated in https://github.com/ibm-messaging/mq-docker/blob/master/README.md when I add a user I get permission denied [ useradd: Permission denied. useradd: cannot lock /etc/group; try again later.]

It seems I can only add the user as root. I switched as root user [ by providing "-u 0" ] while executing the docker container and tried. It is also not possible in that way.

Any idea to add an user inside mqm group of IBM MQ Docker container?

useradd user101 -G mqm && \
echo user101:passw0rd | chpasswd
  • Which version of IBM MQ?
    – JoshMc
    Jun 17 at 0:22

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I think this is a duplicate of ibmcom/mq. "useradd: group 'mqm' does not exist" error for new image version

MQ Custom Docker Image - MQM Group Not Found


ibmcom/mq docker image backward compatibility issue

In summary

From 9.1.5 the container does not use OS based users or groups. This is to conform to cloud best practices. Instead a file based system is being used. This is so that when you roll-out the container in a cloud into production you can switch to an LDAP based system.

From 9.1.5 container uses htpasswd, with the relevant file in /etc/mqm/

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