I am trying to set Adam Geitgey suite for Face recognition which is an old post (2016) and seems that many parts evolved since. As I am using an old laptop without SSE4 I have to install all manually and compile each module.

After some issues I got as far as detecting faces and aligning them, but failed at embedding.

Running the command:

./batch-represent/main.lua -outDir ./generated-embeddings/ -data ./aligned-images/

goes smoothly until a "Segmentation fault (core dumped) "

I identified the problem at line

local s_data = self.imagePath:data()

from ./batch-represent/dataset.lua

I checked the web for "Segmentation fault" and cleaned lock files and cache but still happens.

I have tried to find the module "image" that I suppose is the one that implements imagePath:data() and is required by "dataset.lua", but failed to found it.

I reduce the number of pictures to analyze in order to see if it was a problem with my memory size, but still fails.

Any thoughts?



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