I'm trying to make integrate Facebook App event into react native using this lib: https://github.com/thebergamo/react-native-fbsdk-next

Everything work well on android, expect for ios I setup everything correct according to the doc:

I add on Info.plist

        <string>APP NAME</string>

I add this line on AppDelegate.m enter image description here enter image description here

And i setup that on App.js

  useEffect(() => {
    Settings.setAdvertiserTrackingEnabled(true).then(() => Settings.initializeSDK())
  }, [])

And test it by:

        onPress={() => {
            `login on ${Platform.OS} at ${new Date().getHours()}: ${new Date().getMinutes()}`,

Console said okey: enter image description here

But it NEVER LOG on dashboard, only work by android: enter image description here

So what i did wrong??? And how to make it work?

ios version is 15.4 and i already grant access to app tracking transparency by using this lib https://github.com/mrousavy/react-native-tracking-transparency

const requestTracking = React.useCallback(async () => {
    try {
      const status = await requestTrackingPermission()
      console.log("status", status)
    } catch (e: any) {
      Alert.alert("Error", e?.toString?.() ?? e)
  }, []) 


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