I have used flutter_facebook_auth: ^4.3.4+2 package and perfectly setup other configurations both in app code and Facebook app. But whenever I click on login button login pop up comes and immediately closes within less than 1 second time. In the console log it showing below error -

Timeline: Activity_launch_request time:322003011 intent:Intent { act=DIALOG_ONLY cmp=com.example.fb_login/com.facebook.FacebookActivity (has extras) }

handleWindowVisibility: no activity for token android.os.BinderProxy@a18e75d

Timeline: Activity_launch_request time:322003142 intent:Intent { cmp=com.facebook.katana/.ProxyAuth (has extras) }

Here is my click function code -

      final result = await FacebookAuth.i.login();
      if (result.status == LoginStatus.success) {
        final userData = await FacebookAuth.i.getUserData();
        print("success = " + userData.toString());
    } catch (e) {
      print("error = " + e.toString());

I am in stuck and can't find any proper solution for this error.


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