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What are the significance of the letters beside the files in the Project Navigator? (e.g M,A)


Those letters beside files in the Project Navigator of Xcode show the status of files that are under version control systems, such as SVN or Git. So, for instance:

  • M - means the file has changed and it should be merged into SCM
  • A - means this is a new file and should be added to SCM
  • U - means this is a newer version of a file on SCM and you need to update it
  • ? - means the file has not been added to source control
  • etc...

P.S. You can find list of statuses (at least for SVN) here


Well, my project is not part of source control, yet the same icons are there. So there must be more to it.

UPDATE: Bacalso Vincent is correct, I did enable GIT on creating the project. I had completely forgotten about that though.

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    maybe you checked enabled git, during creation of your project – Vincent Bacalso Jan 31 '13 at 10:02

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