I am developping a JHipster blueprint and I need to use EJS to template the files I want to generate. Since this is my first time using EJS, all I am trying to do for now is use an answer from one of the generated question and create a java interface with its name.

This is the template I got:

public interface <%= databaseURL %> {


function askForDatabaseURL(meta) {
    const applicationType = this.applicationType;
        const prompts = [
                type: 'string',
                name: 'databaseURL',
                    'Quel est l\'URL de votre base de données ?',
                default: 'URL'

        if (meta) return PROMPTS;
        const done = this.async();
        this.prompt(prompts).then(prompt => {
            this.databaseURL = prompt.databaseURL;
module.exports = {


const chalk = require('chalk');
const AppGenerator = require('generator-jhipster/generators/app');
const prompts = require('./prompts');

module.exports = class extends AppGenerator  {
    constructor(args, opts) {
        super(args, { fromBlueprint: true, ...opts }); // fromBlueprint variable is important
        this.databaseURL = "Hello";

    get initializing() {
        return super._initializing();

    _prompting() {
        return {
            askForDatabaseURL: prompts.askForDatabaseURL

    get prompting() {
        const defaultPhaseFromJHipster = super._prompting();
        const myPrompting = this._prompting();
        return Object.assign(defaultPhaseFromJHipster, myPrompting);

    get configuring() {
        return super._configuring();

    get default() {
        return super._default();

    _writing() {
            { databaseURL : this.databaseURL}

    get writing() {
        const defaultPhaseFromJHipster = super._writing();
        const myWriting = this._writing()
        return Object.assign(defaultPhaseFromJHipster, myWriting);

    get install() {
        return super._install();

    get end() {
        return super._end();

The problem is, after the prompting phase, this.databaseURL always has a value of "Hello" which is the default value in the constructor, meaning the file generated is always Hello.java.

I tried to add this.log(this.databaseURL); before and after this.databaseURL = prompt.databaseURL so I'd get an idea if this line does what it's supposed to and it does: enter image description here

I am fairly new to JavaScript so I might have missed something very basic, but I don't understand why this.databaseURL returns "Hello" after assigning it the user's answer to it.

Any help is welcomed!


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