I tryied to develop social media login with google and facebook for my web app. App developed in nestjs, deployed with nginx. Before deployment i tested my app at localhost, so at google console and fb app i have url and redirect url. It was sometyhing like this: http://localhost:3000 - url http://localhost:3000/api/auth/redirect/google - redirect url.

At localhost all worked correctly, but when i deployed my app to the server i changed localhost to the domain. So now at google and fb i have something like that:

```https://sub.domain.com - url```
```https://sub.domain.com/api/auth/redirect/google - redirect url```

But nothing works. At both services i have redirect url mismatch error. I waited about 20 hours, but nothing happend

Then i tried to delete my app from google, create new and replace GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID and GOOGLE_SECRET, but i still have prev error. Please help me crying

My App API

Facebook Settings

Google settings

  • So what value does redirect_uri actually have in your login dialog URLs?
    – CBroe
    Jun 22 at 6:03


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