electron: 5.0.11 macos:12.22.1 (apple m1 pro)

I just run the app like eletron-quick-start by "npm run start".

on the renderer process console, I type code like the below.

let can = document.createElement('canvas')
// null

The weird thing is the first run is ok. "can.getContext('webgl')" return something.

when getContext returns null, I noticed the extra output of console like the below:

electron-helper: fallback to sw vertex processing because buildpipelinestate failed
electron-helper:failed assertion clearfunction getclearshaderfragmentfunction

I tested the ElectronV11(process.arch:x64) and ElectronV19(process.arch:arm64), Webgl is working fine.

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    I’m voting to close this question because this should rather be an issue on github than a question here on stackoverflow.
    – LJᛃ
    Jun 22 at 11:30
  • The official would say: upgrade your Electron version. but my Electron app was developed with many Node-addon built by NAN. Upgrading is hard.
    – wdw
    Jun 23 at 8:46
  • You have two options: find the closest version that still works and review the commits (or do a git bisect) to find out what changed and see if you can affect it (which is quite unlikely) or port your code to a newer supported version.
    – LJᛃ
    Jun 23 at 16:05


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