You might think ,this is a ridiculous idea, but hear me.

We will all agree that HTML was first designed to represent a DOCUMENT style. but now

We are making web apps (PWA's).

---mainly for 2 reasons. Cross platform and Javascript and Typescript ( loved by many devs)


I believe that the DOM is outdated especially in the era of wasm. If you are looking for speed... isn't DOM the bottleneck?

An alternative approach to DOM

nowadays many web apps like google docs are rendering a huge part of the UI in a canvas.

checkout makepad and the demo for similar thing

I think the idea is great , so why don't we have a official way to make apps this way and

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    1) This is purely an invitation to a discussion, which is off-topic for SO. 2) What do you mean "no official way to make apps this way"? People are making apps this way, you have shown it. And it officially works on official browsers, doesn't it?
    – deceze
    Jun 22 at 7:55
  • @deceze I want something that officially judges my web app performance why Jun 22 at 8:54


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