I'm trying to write a simple method that creates a new PDDocument and adds PDPage with the right page format as supplied by user inputs.

Input from User can be one of the following:


Expected output: If input is "A3-Landscape" , return PDPage with this format.

while I can see ways to create PDPage in A3 format using

PDPage page = new PDPage(PDRectangle.A3);

Can you help how efficiently and easily can I choose the right format and its orienatation dynamically?

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You can do it like this:

PDRectangle A4L = new PDRectangle(PDRectangle.A4.getHeight(), PDRectangle.A4.getWidth());
  • This helps, Can we also add page margins while creating a PDRectangle or a PDPage ?
    – ScrapCode
    Jun 23 at 12:16
  • 1
    That's a different question; it's your decision where you write, i.e. you have to manage this yourself. There is no such thing as a "margin" in PDFBox or in the PDF specification. (There is media box and crop box, but that's something different) Jun 23 at 13:46
  • Can you guide me to the existing question or some guide on how best we can manage the margins. (I'm new to PDFBox and media box , crop box are newer terms for me.
    – ScrapCode
    Jun 23 at 15:01
  • Not really; you'll likely want to show characters at some place in the PDF. Your job as a developer would be to start from the offset you want, and to also stop there. One important hint: PDF coordinates have (0,0) at the bottom left. A good start about showing text is EmbeddedFonts.java in the examples subproject in the source code download. Jun 23 at 17:09

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