I am working on an election dataset, in which I want to show which party has a higher representative in each district. For this I want to show it on the map of Pakistan. The election dataset has no info about the lat/lon. I found another dataset that has this info. I do not know how to merge this dataset so I can show my result on the map of Pakistan.

city       lat      lon
karachi    24.860   67.010
lahore     31.549   74.3436
sialkot    32.50    74.53

District   Seat     ConstituencyTitle     CandidateName     Party     Votes
Karchi     Karachi    NA249               sajid abdullah     pmln     80000
lahore     lahore     NA129               firdous ashiq      pppp     50010
sialkot    sialkot    NA150               ahsan iqbal        pmln     45000 

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I would do it following way

import pandas as pd
df1 = pd.DataFrame([["karachi",24.860,67.010],["lahore",31.549,74.3436],["sialkot",32.50,74.53]],columns=["city","lat","lon"])
df2 = pd.DataFrame([["Karachi","pmln",80000],["lahore","pppp",50010],["sialkot","pmln",45000]],columns=["Seat","Party","Votes"])
df2["city"] = df2.Seat.str.lower()
df3 = df2.merge(df1,on='city')


      Seat Party  Votes     city     lat      lon
0  Karachi  pmln  80000  karachi  24.860  67.0100
1   lahore  pppp  50010   lahore  31.549  74.3436
2  sialkot  pmln  45000  sialkot  32.500  74.5300

Note: I use subset of your data for brevity sake. Disclaimer this solution assumes lat and lon is known for each Seat.

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