In ngx-translate library, is there a way how to change the path where TranslateService looks for localization files (en-GB etc.)? The default one is src/assets/i18n/[lang].json.

I followed this tutorial.

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Ok i did a little digging and realize that ngx-translate uses the browser's default naming convention. If you look at ngx-translate/core/src/lib/translate.service.ts Line 506

So if u want to change it's naming conversion you will have to do a lot of editing to the original ngx-translate module.

I will recommend you to continue using it's recommended naming convention. Or write a script to adopt to it's naming convention as the module is using the name convention of browsers.

I hope this will help you, good luck.

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  • Well, in my angular.json there is no mention about i18n (maybe and need to create some extra node?) and TranslateService is not my service, it is a part of ngx-translate library. Regarding app.module I supplemented my question.
    – Frimlik
    Jun 24 at 9:32

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