I am trying build a TypeScript library and want to export using exports field in package.json.

From nodejs and webpack's documentation, I saw that exports is the recommended way to export modules.



The old way is to use "main", "types" and "module".

How can I export type declaration using this method? Should I keep using the "types" field? But what if I have multiple exports?

Here is a sample of exports I have

"exports": {
    ".": {
      "import": "./dist/A.mjs",
      "require": "./dist/A.js"
    "./A": {
      "import": "./dist/A.mjs",
      "require": "./dist/A.js"
    "./B": {
      "import": "./dist/B.mjs",
      "require": "./dist/B.js"

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The exports works with nodejs, but not supported by TypeScript. The way apollo library get this working is to create one package.json per exported path, like this.

So in package.json, exports are still needed for compiled js code, and extra package.json is also required for TypeScript to find during development.

I had more detailed discussion here. Sample code included.

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