I would like to set the regular expression for my test coverage results.

According to Gitlab's documentation, I should be able to do that in the test coverage parsing setting in my project settings, by navigating to Settings > CI/CD > General pipelines.

However, I cannot find the setting there. Where can I set the regular expression for the test coverage parsing setting in Gitlab?

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Since Gitlab 14.8, the test coverage parsing setting has been deprecated and has been removed since Gitlab 15.0. The setting can therefore no longer be found in Settings > CI/CD > General pipelines.

You should now use the coverage setting in your Gitlab CI/CD configuration file and use your regular expression in the setting value:


  stage: test
  coverage: '/coverage: \d+.\d+% of statements/'
    - go test -cover
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    Worth mentioning that this style of coverage reporting is not accurate if your application has several packages.
    – Reuben
    Feb 20, 2023 at 6:06

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