When making Android apps with Delphi, I know how to use the Deployment Manager to add a file that I can access at runtime. But I need to add hundreds of files. Is there a way to add an entire folder instead of just individual files? Example use case: a language learning app with hundreds of pictures corresponding to vocabulary words.

  • File deployment is done by the System.StartUpCopy.pas. If you haven't already got a reference to that in the project.dpr, then add it yourself. You can also copy the StartUpCopy.pas to your project folder for debugging. Then you can make whatever modifications you need to, to that source to allow whatever it is that you need. Jun 26 at 8:39
  • A better solution might be to develop a REST or Datasnap server, which your app can use to download all those images from, on it's first run. Jun 28 at 8:27


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