i have a problem with popup_get_folder, PySimpleGUI. i can't set default path, I get error: popup() got an unexpected keyword argument 'default_path', what can i do? popup_get_folder() has an argument "default_path"

if event == "BUTTON":
        dirfiles = sg.popup_get_folder('Please enter a folder name')
        sg.popup('Results', 'The value returned from popup_get_folder', dirfiles, default_path="C:/Users/User/Desktop/NEWFOLDER")

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Looking at the error message error: popup() got an unexpected keyword argument 'default_path'

Python tells us the function that's causing the error: popup

It also tells us what the error is: you passed in the argument default_path when this is not something that the popup function is expecting.

To find out what arguments you can pass to the popup function, you can look at the documentation for the library: https://pysimplegui.readthedocs.io/en/latest/#high-level-api-calls-popups

popup(args=*<1 or N object>,
    title = None,
    button_color = None,
    background_color = None,
    text_color = None,
    button_type = 0,
    auto_close = False,
    auto_close_duration = None,
    custom_text = (None, None),
    non_blocking = False,
    icon = None,
    line_width = None,
    font = None,
    no_titlebar = False,
    grab_anywhere = False,
    keep_on_top = None,
    location = (None, None),
    relative_location = (None, None),
    any_key_closes = False,
    image = None,
    modal = True)
  • but popup_get_folder has argumtent defult_path popup_get_folder(message, title = None, default_path = "", ...) Jun 25 at 15:13
  • 1
    Yes, popup_get_folder has argument default_path, but not for popup. Maybe you use it in wrong call.
    – Jason Yang
    Jun 25 at 16:55

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