I am trying to install JCL in an XP VM where I have previously installed Borland C++Builder 6.

When I run install.bat, it says:

No Delphi/BCB/BDS verson installed.

But it is installed in C:/Programs/Borland/CBuilder6

Any help?

  • What does Install.bat look like? Is it hard-coded to look for BCB in C:\Program Files`? Is it looking for BCB via an environment variable that is missing/misconfigured? Need more details to diagnose the problem. Jun 25 at 22:49
  • it calls build/dcc32ex.exe (build is a folder on the jcl set of folders). I do no think C++ Builder 6 is misconfigured because it works for anything else Jun 25 at 22:57
  • I didn't say BCB was misconfigured. I said your VM environment might be. But since we don't know what install.bat is actually looking for, there is no way to diagnose your problem. Jun 25 at 23:06
  • by C:/Programs/Borland/CBuilder6 you mean C:/Programs Files/Borland/CBuilder6 or C:/Programs Files (x86)/Borland/CBuilder6 ? 32bit or 64bit XP ?
    – Spektre
    Jun 26 at 7:23
  • yes, right, because in italian installation the path is C:\Programmi\... so I wrongly translate it instead of using C:\Program Files\.... Jun 27 at 20:12

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I did not solve the problem but I was able to manually install JCL building all the packages one by one. Now I will try to install JVCL, I already know it hs the same installer problem.

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