My objective is to start and stop screen record using VLC from command line.

For starting the screen recording, I used the following code:

vlc screen://  -I rc --screen-follow-mouse --screen-fps 5    

And for stopping the record I learned from the VLC forums that I have to use ncat for windows and my stop BAT file contents were

echo quit | "C:\Users\Jk\Desktop\Downloads\nc111nt\nc.exe" localhost 8088

But still the stop doesn't work. I also tried the following, but it makes the recorded video corrupted:

taskkill /IM vlc.exe 

Also tried

vlc ://quit but it wont work as it was not started in one-instance mode.

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To stop, just run:

vlc vlc://quit
  • No vlc://quit is not working. Since it will work only in one-instance mode. – KarthikJ Sep 2 '11 at 1:08

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