I'm trying to create a PWA from an existing project. The build works fine en locally it also works.. however after building on production i get:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'split')
at n (main.js:25:40)
at i (main.js:26:39)
at Array.map (<anonymous>)
at P (main.js:29:73)
at Object.getItem (main.js:43:33)
at i (vuex-persistedstate.es.js:1:1576)
at l (vuex-persistedstate.es.js:1:2281)
at vuex-persistedstate.es.js:1:2356
at vuex.esm.js:427:46
at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)

At random locations in the code (even in commented code)

Currently it points to:

/* Vue.use(VueNativeNotification, {
  requestOnNotify: true,
Vue.notification.requestPermission().then(console.log); */

what am i missing here?

  • it seems you have an issue with vuex-persistedstate, which is not maintained anymore / deprecated, perhaps it's not compatible with your version of vue, try to remove it. Checkout github.com/championswimmer/vuex-persist it might do what you want
    – Lk77
    Jun 28 at 13:34


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