I'm deploying a project using cloudflare pages, and can see in the logs the initial git clone is working, however when the submodules are being pulled down the following error is thrown fatal: could not read Username for 'https://github.com, the project are under the same organisation in github and .gitmodules is working as expected locally.

Any ideas on how to get submodules to working properly with cloudflare pages?

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I ended up solving this by updating the .gitmodules file and setting the src to include username@personalaccesstoken. You can also just use your personal access token.

Your file should look like this

[submodule "src/common"]
path = src/common
url = https://[Token]@github.com/[Org]/[Repo].git

Hopefully that helps anyone else who has a similar issue

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    Is it possible to add the [Token] as an environment variable defined on CloudFlare?
    – hktang
    Commented Mar 6 at 0:46

An alternative solution is to give Cloudflare permission to the submodule repository. Then change the .gitmodules to use ssh.

[submodule "src/common"]
path = src/common
url = [email protected]:[Org]/[Repo].git

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