I recently installed anaconda and was using jupyter notebook to write my code. I also installed Visual Studio code and ran my jupyter files (.ipynb) in VSC.

Whenever I try to import pandas in VSC within a jupyter file (.ipynb), I get an error that says ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pandas'. However, when I run the same file in Chrome on the Jupyter notebook website, I get no such error and my file is able to import pandas.

How can I fix the problem?

  • Welcome to Stack overflow. Please read How to Ask, as a preliminary. How did you install Pandas? Do you know how to check what Python installations are on your system, and how to check which one is running? When you use VSC to run the file, which Python installation is running? You do understand that, when you use "the jupyter notebook website", the code will run on the Jupyter servers, not involving your Anaconda installation at all, right? Jun 29 at 4:05
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  • Also: what tutorial are you using to learn Python? If you are new to programming in general or Python in particular, you should be focusing on the fundamentals, and not trying to use more sophisticated libraries such as Pandas. Jun 29 at 4:09

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This is due to the fact that when you open an .ipynb file in jupyter-notebook, it is running in a conda environment with pandas installed. And it is running on VSC in a Windows or OS environment, which may not have pandas installed. On cmd run, pip install pandas then import it on VSC.


I think you are working on a different environment and the error is occurring because pandas module is in different path try installing pandas in your current environment and importing it might work

This might help.. https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/python/environments

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Thanks for the above comments. On cmd run (pip show pandas), it actually showed pandas was installed.

However, the reason was because the selected interpreter was a non-conda version, which can be changed in the top right of VCS. Hope this helps anyone who has a similar issue!

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