In my application about 100 emails (invoices) are sent in a loop, once or twice a week. 99% goes without trouble, but sometimes the user get the error "10054 connectio reset by peer". I know what that means, but the real problem is that the mail wás sent. So, my appliction assumes something went wrong, but the customer receives the invoice. This cause problems in the invoice-numbers (double). My questions are:

  1. Is there a way to tell if the mail was sent? (eg: eventhandler on "workend")
  2. How is it possible this error occurs AFTER the mail was sent ?

I use the TidSMTP Indy component in Delphi 10.4, the mail is sent via outlook, port 25.

Unfortunatly, it is not possible for me to provide a usefull example, since there is only 1 customer where this occurs,and roughly only in 1 out of 500 mails.

I do not have a trace. Would it be enough to fill all the eventhandlers of the IdSMTP-component and write the parameters to CodeSite?

kind regards,

Dirk Janssens.

  • Please provide a minimal reproducible example, indicating at what step exactly the error occurs. Do you have a trace of the raw SMTP commands/replies being exchanged when the error occurs? The problem is most likely the TCP connection being lost while receiving a response from the server. From the server's POV, it sent a response after the corresponding command had succeeded, but from your POV you aren't receiving the response correctly, for whatever reason. Jun 29 at 15:51


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