I am drawing an image using CoreGraphics and can't get the €-sign displaying correctly..

The dollar sign works fine, however. I have tried it using different fonts but same problem, my guess now is that there is an encoding problem of some sort, but I still cant get it working correctly.

Here is my code that does the drawing:

context.SelectFont (font.FamilyName, font.PointSize, CGTextEncoding.MacRoman);
context.SetFillColorWithColor (color.CGColor);
context.SetTextDrawingMode (CGTextDrawingMode.Fill);
context.SetShouldAntialias (antiAlias);
context.ShowTextAtPoint (position.X, position.Y,text);

Anything that can point me in the right direction is appreciated.


The "euro" sign is a bit more recent than other characters but, even if defined in MacRoman, I could not get CoreGraphics to display it properly with ShowTextAtPoint (I suspect an encoding issue).

However it works fine if you use UIKit instead of CoreGraphics, see Q&A: no german umlaute in CGBitmapContext for the sample code.

  • Thanks a lot, worked like a charm after I converted my PointF-coordinates using context.ScaleCTM (1f, -1f);
    – degborta
    Sep 5 '11 at 12:13

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