When trying to map a port with Docker on colima, the map works, but the port is not open for listening on MacOS

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  • OSX
  • Using colima
  • on M1

A docker container exposing a port will not be listening (checked for example with netstat) even if docker port \<container\> shows it is.

Example docker run: docker run -p 80:80 -name mycontainer myimage

What is the solution so that the port is listening in the local host?


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The answer is in the Colima FAQ - Enable reachable IP address

colima start --network-address

It is only a mechanism for OSX because it asks for an admin pwd to be able to work.

  • Thank you! Thank you! I had forgotten that I was using colima and my container ports were just getting forwarded on the localhost! Spent countless minutes before coming across this question and answer! Jul 31 at 22:30

This problem suddenly happened to me, which was odd cause I'd been running docker containers and accessing them via localhost:port.

I tried a bunch of things but stopping and starting colima is what finally did it for me.

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