I'm developing an extension in Photoshop and I need to close a layers folder (containing a lot of information) to make the layers view cleaner. I haven't found anything in the Photoshop documentation and nothing on the forums.

From :

enter image description here

To :

enter image description here

Thanks in advance for your help !


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this works in Ps 23.5

photoshop.core.executeAsModal(function _executeAsModal(){
        return photoshop.action.batchPlay([{
            _obj: "set",
            _target: [{ _ref: "property", _property: "layerSectionExpanded" }, { _ref: "layer", _id: 1234 }],
            to: true // true to open/expand, false to collapse/close
        }], {}).then(res=>{
            return 'should be expanded now';
    { commandName: 'open/expand group layer' }

related: Is there a way to EXPAND a group in Photoshop? https://gist.github.com/JimaDobes/371fcaf0d8f61fb5d1175d54e85209c7


Thank you Ghoul Fool for finding this thread :


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