I have upgraded a 6.10.5 project to 7.8.1. I followed the instructions to run the generator to upgrade with entities. That went OK except the previous developer had modified several Spring Boot files so I had to manually merge his changes back into the new files. Once I finished that merge the application built successfully and ran. It came up with the basic menu which provides the ability to edit the entities and I tested a few of them with success. However, it was missing all the customized menu options to bring up the forms the previous developer had added. I wasn't surprised, so I started a merge process like I did for the backend. I was surprised to discover that I had to first install the typescript compiler, angular, ng-hipster and a bunch of other stuff I found the previous developer had used.

Why is the latest version of ng-hipster dependent on angular
^10.0.0?  That's a couple of years behind the current version

I'm sure these questions will make it clear just how inexperienced I am with this toolset, but I sure would appreciate someone straightening me out if I am misunderstanding things. I have advised my client to keep the Jhipster system they have because it has great features, but I might have to advise we migrate away if the open source community has moved away from it and is not supporting the angular version of it anymore.

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I think the answer to both of your questions can be found in issue #12909 on the official github repository. JHipster moved away from ng-jhipster in version 7.0.0-beta.0.


  • ng-jhipster is merged with generator-jhipster - #12909
  • Thank you vicpermir. I'm showing my ignorance again, but I am confused how after upgrading to 7.8.1 and then merging in the code the previous developer added, npm start works fine, but when I run tsc I get a bunch of errors? Some of the tsc errors are caused by dependencies on ng-jhipster including JhiAlertService, JhiEventManager, JhiParseLinks and JhiFileLoadError. It seems like it's not going to be easy to plug in replacements, or is it? Jun 30 at 21:19

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