I need the Pascal (Delphi or Free Pascal) function to convert UTF-8 text (e.g. in string) to Shift-JIS (also e.g. in string).

For Shift-JIS => UTF-8 I found the code, which is here. Now I need the backward converter.

I want to add this code to Lazarus library LConvEncoding, so it must be without using 'iconv' or Win32 API, it must be pure Pascal. It may be code in another language if it's easy to rewrite it in Pascal.

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    That lovely function is 1119 lines long, though admittedly about 1000 of that are dedicated to tables. Are you expecting someone to cough up something similar for the inverse, in the span of a single SO answer? Is there anything preventing you from taking a crack at it yourself? Jun 30 at 19:48
  • Delphi's string has been UnicodeString since 2009, so it can't hold UTF-8 or Shift-JIS content, only UTF-16. Perhaps you are thinking of AnsiString instead? FreePascal's string is still AnsiString by default, unless you use {$modeswitch UnicodeStrings} or {$mode DelphiUnicode}. Jun 30 at 19:54

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I found the answer, this code can be made from the Unicode official data: ftp://ftp.unicode.org/Public/MAPPINGS/OBSOLETE/EASTASIA/JIS/SHIFTJIS.TXT .

That file tells how to get UTF-16 codes, and next I must convert UTF-16 -> UTF-8, using UTF8Encode().


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