I imported a jar file to my project and it works now while I am in development, but whenever I try to build the project and create a patch it shows error "package xxx.xxx does not exist".

I used the this link to add the jar file to my project: How to import a jar file in Eclipse.

I am using maven and here is the spring boot and jhipster versions of my project.

Spring Boot version: 2.4.4

JHipster version: 7.0.1

  • Please give more details about the error, edit your question and paste it as text, explain which change exactly you made to your project. When you build, I suppose you use maven or gradle not the IDE? Jul 2 at 20:02
  • I guess maven does not know about the jar file imported via eclipse, so building/packaging via maven does not work.
    – atomfrede
    Jul 20 at 8:25


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