The short question is: which is better for tStringGrid cell choosing on Android and why? OnCellClick or OnSelectCell or OnTap?

I have an Android app that previously used (don't laugh!) OnMouseDown to determine which cell in a tstringgrid was tapped. It worked well for years. Sadly, it is not compatible with gestures on the newer Androids, so I have to rewrite the cell choosing routine for my tStringGrids. The reason I went with OnMouseDown was due to issues with other routines, but that was years ago and those issues are hopefully long fixed. Looking for recommendations and pitfalls among the other options.

BTW, OnMouseDown was removed from the UI in v10.1 (Berlin) though it still exists as an option to set at runtime. I should have taken that as a clue back then. :) I am currently using 11.1 to update the app to Android API level 30.

In case it helps to see what is being clicked, here it is. It's a home control app. The selectable cells are where you see "ON", "OFF", "<", ">". The latter two are for dimming. The grids are read-only - all content is set on the home controller, not in my app, so cells are never edited by the user. There is no need to show which cell was last clicked and I prefer NOT to change the color or shade of the cell upon clicking.

home control selection screen

  • OnCellClick or OnSelectCell or OnTap or OnMouseDown? I usually have to try them all and see which works best.
    – Doug Rudd
    Jul 6 at 0:33


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