I have a brand new GCP account that I'm the only owner of, this is a personal/clean brand new project.

I manage the infrastructure exclusively with terraform and trying to create a HTTPS load balancer to route requests to a fixed ip, which I then want to forward to a bucket where I have a webapp, I've setup this type of infrastructure in the past via the UI but not via terraform.

When attempting to create this piece of infrastructure:

resource "google_compute_global_address" "main" {
  name = "main"

resource "google_compute_forwarding_rule" "lb" {
  name                  = "lb"
  provider              = google-beta
  region                = "europe-west2"
  project               = "owlee-software"
  ip_protocol           = "TCP"
  load_balancing_scheme = "EXTERNAL_MANAGED"
  port_range            = "443"
  target                = google_compute_global_address.main.address
  network_tier          = "PREMIUM"

this throws

│ Response: {
│   "error": "invalid_grant",
│   "error_description": "Account has been deleted"
│ }

for brand new service accounts -- I have deleted the account and created another one -- with another file, if I remove this resource everything gets instantiated fine via the service account in the GCP account. This is the only 'google beta' provider that I have in the project as well.

I'm not sure if this is because of the resource configuration being wrong or something is happening with the service account.

When I try to inspect the service account I just created and made editor on the project, I can't, it shows greyed out with the following text:

Could not find an ancestor of the selected project where you have access to view a policy report. On at least one ancestor, you need the following permissions: 



and cloudasset.assets.searchAllResources 

My single-main account has the following roles attached to it:

Cloud Asset Owner
Organization Administrator
Project IAM Admin
Security Admin 

I've added all of them after the Owner didn't seem to be enough.

Any suggestions appreciated, thank you.


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It's an authentication issue. For me what solved was running.

gcloud auth application-default login

Followed by the terraform apply

But you can check here the documentation on how to authenticate with terraform


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