We're creating a iOS app and integrate with Docusign. We are using offline-signing to create an envelope and sign it. It returns a temporary envelope ID. After the offline signed envelope is synced to Docusign, it has a new envelope ID in Docusign. How can we retrieve that new ID from the app?

        mDSMEnvelopesManager?.composeEnvelope(with: envelope, signingMode: .offline, completion: { envelopeId, error in
            if let id = envelopeId {
                // offline
                self.mDSMEnvelopesManager?.resumeSigningEnvelope(withPresenting: presentingController, envelopeId: id, completion: { _, _ in })
            } else {
                // online
                self.showAlert(presentingController: presentingController, message: error.localizedDescription)
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Actually Docusign does return the envelope ID after syncing. Just need to handle the

@objc func handleDSMEnvelopeSyncingSucceeded(notification: Notification) {
    //this is the real envelop ID need to send to backend
    self.envelopeID = notification.userInfo?["envelopeId"] as! String


My suggestion is that you store a unique value as envelope meta data using the envelope custom field feature.

Later, you can search on that field to find the right envelope.

  • Thanks, Larry. It's strange that we docusign doens't return the real envelope ID after syncing. We will try your suggestion Jul 6, 2022 at 1:44

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