Delphi 10.4 I want to add system-wide paths so existing software from 10.1 compiles. In Tools>Options>Language>Delphi Options>Library the ADD button is non-functional. How can I add system-wide paths as could be done in 10.1?

  • I just tried it in 10.4, and the button did work. But even without the button, you can simply edit the semicolon-separated list in the edit box. Jul 5 at 21:30

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Your question is not as clear as it should be. Please describe "non-functional"? I am taking a guess here... the Add button looks disabled when you first bring up the Directories screen as shown here in this screenshot:

enter image description here

You can click the Open folder icon to select a path (or enter a new path) and then the Add button will become enabled.

  • Same behaviour in Delphi 11.1 Jul 6 at 5:16

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