I'm new to jhipster (or more specifically to java) and I have still some problems understanding DTOs. I have a Questionnaire on frontend site with the following structure and I want to save the answers in a DTO.


  1. Questionnaire: #id
  2. Question: #id #type
  3. Answer: #id #value

So a questionnaire has of course several questions of type: single choice, multiple choice, free text field and file upload. The questionnaire has multiple questions and also might change a few times. We want to save the questionnaire inputs in a DTO to later save it in a database. I'm not sure how to implement this as DTO. As far as I saw it on online resources I have to create a inputDTO and an resultDTO coming back to the server, no? How can I implement this as an DTO or is there a better way of handling the questionnaire results?

Thanks for your help!

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    First step is to model your domain as entities and as you want to persist your questionnaires in database you can let JHipster generate all for you, just define them in a JDL file then and import it (see jhipster.tech/jdl/intro). Your file upload will be a blob field of one entity. Returning a resutlDTO when you create an InputDTO does not make sense when you define a REST API, usually you return the same type as you got in input with additional info like its ID in the database. Jul 6 at 9:46


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