The jetty servlet container is quick and light enough to run in unit tests (indeed I do to serve up files).

It is possible to install actual servlets into it, programmatically (say in a test) and have it run them?

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Yes. We do this on a regular basis with a number of tools. The simpest is probably HTTP-unit. When we deploy in jetty, we usually deploy larger parts of the application and run Selenium. HttpUnit is the simplest, but at some point your application complexity may warrant a more complete deployment. See the documentation section on embedding jetty

  • Hey wow thanks - that was exactly what I was looking for - didn't really know what to search for (tried a few things - never thought to search for "embedded"). Apr 8, 2009 at 10:18

Why not use any HttpUnit, HTMLUnit etc.. Create an ANT script to do whatever is needed to run the test.

  • Oh I have things like that - I just would like to wire it all up in code - no external scripts to run - less likely to fail (as long as the port is free). Apr 8, 2009 at 10:17

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