I have Delphi 11.1 (fresh installed), Windows 10.
In "Project Options->Application->Manifest" I disable the Themes (uncheck "Enabled runtime themes") and save/close the dialog. But when I reopen the dialog, the Themes are again enabled.

Can anyone with Delphi 11 confirm this behavior?


PS: the checkbox works under:

  • Delphi 10.4.2 + Win7
  • Delphi 11 + Win 7.
  • This dialog has a long history of being obnoxious. Jul 6 at 11:44
  • So, you think it is a Delphi bug? Then I guess I could set this manually via DPROJ or XML file... Jul 6 at 11:45
  • Without having looked into the issue, I'd say that seems likely. Jul 6 at 11:46
  • Does it happen only in one of your projects, or does it happen even in a brand new VCL app? Jul 6 at 12:52
  • @AndreasRejbrand - Brand new VCL project. Jul 6 at 12:54

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Disable that option in All configurations - Windows 32-Bit platform and if applicable also in All configurations - Windows 64-Bit platform. Then you can enable or disable it in the child configurations at your will.

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