This is the json encoding my php echos:


The gson commands i use in the application are:

Gson gson = new Gson();
ParseActivity.parsedata = gson.fromJson(result, new TypeToken < HashMap < String , Object>>(){}.getType());

But gson is giving a jsonparseexception and is not able to parse, parsedata is a static variable of the same type.

Thanks for any help


You need to be more explicit in the returned type. The field detail1 is a Map<String, String> and other fields are List<String>. You need to create a wrapper class (a Javabean) with exactly those fields:

public class Details {
    private Map<String, String> detail1;
    private List<String> detail2;
    private List<String> detail3;

    // Add/generate getters/setters.

so that you can use it as follows:

Details details = new Gson().fromJson(result, Details.class);

Alternatively, you can let Gson convert it to a JsonElement tree so that you can traverse it manually:

JsonElement details = new Gson().toJsonTree(result);

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