Firstly, We are using the ABP framework for developing our .NET projects and the Identity server as an authentication server. I add custom claims to our token by using the methods shared below. However, the ContributeAsync method runs twice during insertion. I don't have any idea about that and wondering what the reason is.

public class CustomUserClaimPrincipalFactory : IAbpClaimsPrincipalContributor, ITransientDependency, IRepository
    private readonly ISRepository _sRepository;
    private readonly ICurrentPrincipalAccessor _currentPrincipalAccessor;
    private readonly ICurrentUser _currentUser;
    private readonly IOrganizationUnitRepository _organizationUnitRepository;

    public CustomUserClaimPrincipalFactory(
        ISRepository _sRepository,
        ICurrentPrincipalAccessor currentPrincipalAccessor,
        ICurrentUser currentUser,
        IOrganizationUnitRepository organizationUnitRepository
        _sRepository= _sRepository;
        _currentPrincipalAccessor = currentPrincipalAccessor;
        _currentUser = currentUser;
        _organizationUnitRepository = organizationUnitRepository;
    public async Task ContributeAsync(AbpClaimsPrincipalContributorContext context)
        var currentTenant = context.ServiceProvider.GetRequiredService<ICurrentTenant>();
        if (currentTenant.Id != null)
            var seller = await _sRepository.GetByTenantIdAsync(currentTenant.Id);
            var claimsIdentity = context.ClaimsPrincipal.Identities.FirstOrDefault();
        claimsIdentity?.AddIfNotContains(new Claim(ProjectName, (projectName == null ? string.Empty : ((int)projectName .Value).ToString())));


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