I'm reading the book Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial, and as instructed I set up my rails app to use rspec for testing. Whenever I was instructed to, I created new tests, and the tests ran automatically using autotest and spork. Everything seemed to work fine. Then I created a second app in order to test some code, but when I ran a couple of tests in my second app with the command:

$ bundle exec rspec spec/

...the tests for the first app executed. How can running rspec in one app execute the tests in another app? I cd'ed to another directory, cd'ed back into the second app, and ran the tests again, but the same thing happened.

In an attempt to correct that sad state of affairs, I closed out every window on my computer, and then I restarted my computer. After my computer rebooted, I opened one Terminal window, cd'ed into the directory for the second app, and once again I issued the command:

$ bundle exec rspec spec/

Now I get an error that says, "You cannot have more than one Rails::Application (RuntimeError)":

No DRb server is running. Running in local process instead ... /Users/me/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p180@rails3tutorial/gems/ railties-3.0.9/lib/rails/application.rb:63:in `inherited': You cannot have more than one Rails::Application (RuntimeError)

Is there something obvious I'm missing? The setup was laborious for the first app, and I tried to repeat the same setup for my second app, but I can't get any tests to run. Both apps have identical Gemfiles.

osx 10.6.7

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  • I have come to the conclusion that my problem has to do with the name of my app--it's test_app. I created another app and after running through the extensive setup, I can now run rspec tests on it. In an attempt to get my test_app working, I tried deleting the gemset and reinstalling rails and all the gems, and I closely examined the spec/spec_helper.rb file, but I could never get the tests to work: I kept getting the error: ``inherited': You cannot have more than one Rails::Application (RuntimeError)` – 7stud Sep 3 '11 at 3:55
  • It's not the app name. I created another app called test_map, and I set up some simple tests for that app, and they ran without error. I've deleted the gemset for the troublesome test_app at least ten times and then started over with the setup but no luck. – 7stud Sep 3 '11 at 7:07

You can name your app test_app. It's probably something with drb/spork. Post your spec_helper.rb. Also, take out the drb option out of spec_helper.rb, comment out the Spork config, copy what is in the prefork block back to the bottom of the spec_helper file (where it used to be). Run rspec spec without bundle exec. If that doesn't work, run one test with rspec/spec/some_file.rb.

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