I am building a component in which I have to iterate over each action and check conditions on each action. So, how can I use v-for and v-if in the same element?

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The Vue.js Style Guide recommends against this:

Never use v-if on the same element as v-for.

There are two common cases where this can be tempting:

  • To filter items in a list (e.g. v-for="user in users" v-if="user.isActive"). In these cases, replace users with a new computed property that returns your filtered list (e.g. activeUsers).

  • To avoid rendering a list if it should be hidden (e.g. v-for="user in users" v-if="shouldShowUsers"). In these cases, move the v-if to a container element (e.g. ul, ol).

Your best option is to use a <template> tag for your v-for and apply your v-if inside that on whichever HTML tag you're using. For an instance:

<template v-for="(user, index) in users">
  <div v-if="user.isActive" :key="index">
     // your HTML code here

or use a computed value as mentioned in the docs. For example, something like this:

computed: {
  activeUsers() {
    return this.users.filter(user => user.isActive)

Without seeing an example of your current code, I could only guess how you might adapt the above to suit your individual needs.

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