I'm running an OIDC flow to get access and ID tokens on a single-page application (I use OneLogin but that's probably not very relevant, it's a vanilla OIDC flow). I use the access token to call my backend APIs.

I want to provide the same functionality (including calling the same backend) from a command line tool. Is there a standard way to get the access token the same way I do it in the browser?

I'd consider any solutions including completing part of the flow in the browser, alternatives to OIDC, etc.

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A console app is a native app and can run a code flow and listen for the OAuth response using one of the techniques from RFC8252:

  • Loopback URL, eg http:/localhost:8000/callback
  • Private URI scheme URL, eg x-myapp:/callback

Here is some partial Javascript code for the first case. For an example of the second case see my desktop code sample.

import Http from 'http';
import Opener from 'opener';

export async function login(): Promise<string> {

    const codeVerifier = generateRandomString();
    const codeChallenge = generateHash(codeVerifier);
    const state = generateRandomString();
    const authorizationUrl = buildAuthorizationUrl(state, codeChallenge);

    return new Promise<string>((resolve, reject) => {

        let server: Http.Server | null = null;
        const callback = async (request: Http.IncomingMessage, response: Http.ServerResponse) => {

            if (server != null) {

                response.write('Login completed for the console client ...');
                server = null;

                try {

                    // Swap the code for tokens
                    const accessToken = await redeemCodeForAccessToken(request.url!, state, codeVerifier);

                } catch (e: any) {

        server = Http.createServer(callback);

Onelogin has a couple of tools that can help in this process. (I'm on the OIDC engineering team). You can do part of the process through the OIDC Inspector Tool.

That might not give you exactly what you are looking for, writing your own script may be the best option. If that is the route you take, I suggest looking at the Postman Collections

Feel free to reach out if I can be of more assistance

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