I am developing a jhipster blueprint (base generator 7.8.1) that will have a completely different angular UI with Jhipsters spring-boot backend with customization. I have got the UI part working (using mock backend) and now, I am trying to customize the server sub-generator.

My needs are to be able to modify the base generator templates and also add new templates/files.

Very first use case I am trying to solve is to modify the SecurityConfiguration_reactive.java.ejs (basically add more routes). I have tried the following option in the blueprint's generators/server sub-generator and it worked,

  1. Create an index.js file, delegate all the priorities to the base generator except the writing priority. The writing phase will basically call the base generators writeFilesToDisk(serverFiles) method where the serverFiles is from the blueprint.
  2. Copy the files.js from the base generator to the blueprint - this is the serverFiles from the previous call
  3. Copy the template from the base generator (follow the same folder structure) and make the customization

I also came across this post that had a better approach but its a little old. So, is there a better way to achieve this? Any help is greatly appreciated...


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