My application which is created in jHipster and resides in an iFrame,

However I get an


page whenever i want to login.

i already tried disabling CSRF , but i am not able to login, it works fine when it is not in an iframe,

Please help

thanks A

  • By default, Spring Security adds the X-Frame-Options: DENY header which denies any attempt to render a page inside an iframe. docs.spring.io/spring-security/reference/features/exploits/… Jul 18 at 11:37
  • Hello, I allowed xframe, and also disabled xss protection, I am still getting unauthorised on login, pl let me know what protection more I need to disable Jul 18 at 15:00
  • Have you looked at browser's console to see if there are Content Security Policy errors? Or is there an error in the server logs? Jul 19 at 12:05
  • Is it something to do with Basic Authetication, my current application is in Basic auth, if i create a dummy new app with JWT it works. what is the solution you think? Jul 21 at 12:12


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